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Welcome to the Willingham Primary School Home Learning art blog. I will be posting ideas for art activities at home using pencil and paper as I imagine that most of you will have these to hand at home. Drawing is a wonderful activity to do wherever you are and I will hope to update these pages regularly. I have indicated whether they are more suitable for KS1 or KS2 but do feel free to try them all out if you like.

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  • 01/04/20

    Digital Art Challenge: KS2

    Hello! For the two weeks over Easter, I have set the children of Willingham Primary School a challenge to create a piece of digital art celebrating the arrival of Spring. You can see my introductory post here. 
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  • 31/03/20

    Piper: KS1

    Hello, lovely Year 1s and 2s (and maybe some of the older children as well!). I noticed that in your English work this week, you will be watching a short animation called Piper and thinking about the emotions of a small bird exploring the shore.
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  • 31/03/20

    Giorgio Morandi Drawings: Years 5 & 6

    Hello, lovely Year 5/6 children. The project that we were last doing in school was our paintings, inspired by the Italian artist, Giorgio Morandi (1890 - 1964). Only some of you were able to finish your artwork but they were already looking wonderful. I have added a post to the general art blog...
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  • 30/03/20

    Mountains: KS2

    This was a lesson for those Year 5/6 children who were not on this year's amazing choir trip. They loved creating mountain pictures and I thought that the choir members, and maybe some of the younger children, might like to try it as well. While we are home, we...
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  • 25/03/20

    Henri Rousseau: KS1

    In the last few weeks, the Years 1 and 2 have been drawing a jungle scene inspired by Tiger in a Tropical Storm or Surprised! by Henri Rousseau. Here is a link to the video that we watched in our lesson.
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  • 23/03/20

    Dragons' Eyes: KS2

    Some of the Year 5/6 pupils who were in school last week started this activity and have taken their unfinished pictures home to complete. You may like to try it yourself. We are going to create a close-up picture of a dragon’s eye.
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