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Picasso Drawing: KS1

This week, we will looking at one of the most famous artists of the twentieth-century, Pablo Picasso.


Picasso was Spanish and was born in Malaga. Picasso's full name was ... Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz y Picasso! Picasso's father was an art teacher and Pablo drew and painted from an early age. He was very gifted. Here are two of the paintings that he did when he was around 14 years old.

Man in a beret (1895)                           The Old Fisherman (1895)

In 1904, when Picasso was 23, he moved to Paris. This is because Paris was where many of the avant-garde artists were. Avant-garde means experimental.  Above all, PIcasso loved to try new things and to make brave marks on his canvas. He is most famous for his Cubist paintings:

Can you guess what these paintings might be called? Answers at the end!

Picasso painted many large and detailed artworks but also liked to see how simply he could express his ideas. In this series of pictures of a bull, you can see how he gradually reduces the lines he makes:

He had a Dachshund called Lump whom he loved to draw:

Here are some more of Picasso's line drawings of birds and animals:

If you look carefully, you can see that most of these drawings are made with a single line:

Your first drawing challenge is to try to draw a bird or animal in the style of Picasso. It is very tricky to do this without taking your pencil off the paper so you can have more than one line if you want, but try to keep your idea as simple as your can. Here are the ones I tried:

If you have coloured pencils or felt pens at home, you could also try creating a drawing inspired by Picasso's Mains aux Fleurs (Hands with flowers), also known as Bouquet of Peace. Picasso drew this in 1958 for the peace movement in Sweden.

Do you think that these hands belong to one or two people? You can work it out if you look carefully at the thumbs. Try putting your own hands into the same position as the hands in the drawing.

Hands can be tricky to draw but you can look carefully at Picasso's drawing and at your own hands. The hands in Picasso's drawing are both right hands so depending on whether you are left handed or right-handed, you may find it easier to draw the hands the other way round:

Then, you can have fun drawing the most beautiful flowers that you can imagine. This is a time when we are grateful to many people who are working to keep us all safe, not only in the hospitals but producing and delivering food and making sure that we all have the things that we need. Who would you like to give a bouquet of peace to?

if you would like to test your knowledge about Picasso, you can do a quiz here. Did you think of good titles for the cubist paintings earlier? Here are the paintings with the titles that Picasso gave them:

                  The Three Musicians (1931)                                        The Weeping Woman (1937)