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The Willingham Book Wander - March

Inspired by the Anna James series of books – Tilly and the Bookwanderers – this section of the blog will recommend several books selected (to begin with, at least) by Mr. Baugh and the WPS Reading Ambassadors.

This month, Mr. Baugh has chosen some books about books to celebrate World Book Day.

EYFS – Otto the Book Bear (Katie Cleminson)

Otto the Book Bear | Centre for Literacy in Primary Education

Otto lives in a book and is happiest when his story is being read. Otto is no ordinary storybook character: when no one is looking, he comes to life! Otto loves to walk off of his book's pages, but when his book is taken away while Otto is off exploring, the book bear sets off on a grand adventure to find a new home.

Except... it's an awfully big world for such a small bear and Otto misses his warm book. Will Otto ever find the perfect home?


KS1 – Charlie Cook’s Favourite Book (Julia Donaldson)

Charlie Cook's Favourite Book: 1 : Julia Donaldson, Axel Scheffler: Books

Charlie Cook has a favorite book. It’s about a pirate, who also has a favorite book . . . about Goldilocks, who also has a favorite book . . . about a knight, who also has a favorite book . . . . This hilarious pattern continues throughout the story, right to the satisfying and surprising end. Julia Donaldson is a master of the rhyming picture book craft and this is one of her very best.


LKS2 – The Bookshop Girl (Sylvia Bishop)

This story is about a little girl named Property Jones, so-called because she was left in the lost property cupboard of a bookshop when she was five years old. Property loves living in the bookshop, but she has a whopper of a secret... she can't actually read! So Property doesn't see the newspaper article announcing the chance to win the Montgomery Book Emporium, the biggest and most magnificent bookshop in the world! When her family win the competition, Property finds herself moving to the Emporium, a magical place filled with floor upon floor of books and a very bad-tempered cat. But all is not as it seems at the Emporium and soon Property Jones finds herself in a whole heap of trouble.


UKS2 – Tilly and the Bookwanderers (Anna James)

Pages & Co. Tilly and the Bookwanderers | GBP 3 | Book Mama

Eleven-year-old Tilly has lived above her grandparents' bookshop ever since her mother disappeared shortly after she was born. Like the rest of her family, Tilly loves nothing more than to escape into the pages of her favourite stories.

One day, Tilly realises that classic children's characters are appearing in the shop through the magic of `book wandering' - crossing over from the page into real life.

With the help of Anne of Green Gables and Alice in Wonderland, Tilly is determined to solve the mystery of what happened to her mother all those years ago, so she bravely steps into the unknown, unsure of what adventure lies ahead and what dangers she may face.