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Welcome to Willingham Primary School's Art blog. Here, you can see what your children have been doing in their Art lessons and celebrate their amazing creations. If you would like to see older posts, they are still available in the Archive section.

We hope that you enjoy it!

Ms Varty

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  • 10/10/18

    Year 5/6: Christmas Cards

    The Year 5/6s have chosen a bauble design for their Christmas card this year.
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  • 09/10/18

    Year 1: Christmas Cards

    Miss Price's and Miss Brook's classes’ design for their Christmas card this year features penguins.
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  • 05/10/18

    Year 3/4: Christmas Cards

    Mrs Keeble and Mrs Musselle's class are using watercolours to make their Christmas card design.
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  • 28/09/18

    Year 2: Great Fire of London

    As part of their history topic, the Year 2s compared a number of paintings by Jan Griffier the Elder (1652  - 1715) and his contemporaries before embarking on their own artwork depicting the Great Fire of London.
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  • 26/09/18

    Year 5/6: Poppy Project

    The history topic for the Year 5s and 6s for this half-term is World War 2. In art, the children are planning and creating work based on poppies. One of the aims of this project is to give the pupils an opportunity to develop their own creativity and to create an independent...
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  • 25/09/18

    Year 1: Great Fire of London

    The Year 1s and 2s are studying the Great Fire of London. In art, we looked at a number of contemporary and later 17th Century paintings of the Great Fire of London and, in particular, at the work of Jan Griffier the Elder (1652 - 1715), before painting our own versions.  
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  • 21/09/18

    Year 3/4: Tree frogs - adding paint

    Now that we have drawn our characterful tree frogs, it is time to paint the background using poster paint and a sgraffito technique.
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  • 18/09/18

    Year 1: James Rizzi Birds

    The Year 1s also began this half-term by learning about the American designer and artist, James Rizzi, and creating their own paintings of Birds inspired by his style.
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  • 14/09/18

    Year 3/4: Tree frogs

    The Year 3/4 geography topic for this half-term is the Amazonian Rainforest and in art, we are making pictures of tree frogs.
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  • 11/09/18

    Year 2: James Rizzi Birds

    in the first art lesson of this year, the Year 2s painted birds in the style of the American Pop Artist, James Rizzi.
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  • 20/07/18

    Year 2: Beach Huts

    There was time for one last lesson before the summer holidays and Mrs Anderson's class painted beach huts using watercolours.
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  • 19/07/18

    Art Exhibition 2018

    Here are some of the highlights of tonight's Art Exhibition held alongside the Year 6 Business Enterprise Scheme on a very hot but enjoyable evening.
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