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Welcome to Willingham Primary School's Art blog. Here, you can see what your children have been doing in their Art lessons and celebrate their amazing creations. If you would like to see older posts, they are still available in the Archive section.

We hope that you enjoy it!

Ms Varty

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  • 21/03/18

    Year 3/4: Hokusai, part 2

    This week, it was finally time to add colour to our Hokusai drawings. The children experimented with different media in their sketchbooks, mixed colours and we then discussed how to tackle common issues before embarking on the final piece.
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  • 20/03/18

    Year 1 & 2: Tiger, tiger!

    Having finished their jungle paintings, the Year 1s and 2s are making pictures of a tiger close-up!
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  • 18/03/18

    CAYAC 2018

    Willingham Primary School has submitted four pieces of work to the Cambridgeshire Area Young Artist Competition this year, two from KS1 and two from KS2. It was very hard to choose from all the wonderful artwork that has been produced since the last exhibition.
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  • 17/03/18

    For our friends in Dubai

    Amazonite class, from the Safa British School in Dubai (taught by the amazing Mr Efford!), contacted Willingham Primary to ask whether we could post some of our work on perspective drawing.
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  • 16/03/18

    Year 4: Watercolour Sketches

    This Friday, the Year 3s were having fun at a P.E. Festival so the Year 4s from all three classes were able to have an art lesson together.
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  • 14/03/18

    Year 1 & 2: Rousseau, part 2

    Having learned about Henri Rousseau's life and paintings, the children were ready to add colour to their own jungle pictures.
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  • 09/03/18

    Year 3/4: Hokusai's Great Wave off Kanagawa

    The topic for Year 3/4 this half-term is ‘Extreme Earth’. In art, we are looking at the work of Katsushika Hokusai and, in particular, studying The Great Wave off Kanagawa.
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  • 06/03/18

    Year 1 & 2: Henri Rousseau

    In Year 1 and 2, the children are studying Henri Rousseau and looking, in particular, at his painting Tiger in a Tropical Storm or Surprised!
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  • 07/02/18

    Artist of the Week!

    Here, I will feature one of the best pieces of art produced over the last week. The work will be displayed in our new gold frame of honour!  
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  • 06/02/18

    Year 2: Illustration, part 2

    This was our third lesson on illustration and the children were very excited to begin painting their artwork. We began by discussing how to mix different shades, how to increase the saturation of your colour and how to prepare a wash for larger areas.
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  • 02/02/18

    Year 3/4: Weaving, part 2

    During the first lesson on weaving, we looked at the history of cloth production and set up our paper plate looms. Once this tricky part was over, the children really enjoyed the weaving process.
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  • 30/01/18

    Year 2: Illustration, part 1

    The topic for Years 1 and 2 this half-term is ‘Flying High’. In the first few weeks, we learned about Leonardo da Vinci and we are now looking at illustration and, in particular, at the work of Oliver Jeffers, the author and illustrator of one of our favourite books Up and Down...
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