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Welcome to Willingham Primary School's Art blog. Here, you can see what your children have been doing in their Art lessons and celebrate their amazing creations. We hope that you enjoy it!

Ms Varty

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  • 07/02/18

    Artist of the Week!

    Here, I will feature one of the best pieces of art produced over the last week. The work will be displayed in our new gold frame of honour!  
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  • 16/01/18

    Year 3/4: Weaving

    The Year 3/4s topic is the Mayan civilisation. The Mayas are known for their weaving and in art, we have been learning about the history and the structure of cloth.
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  • 16/01/18

    Year 1 & 2: Leonardo da Vinci

    The topic for Years 1 and 2 is Flying high and in art, we have been looking at Leonardo da Vinci's notebooks.
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  • 08/01/18

    Year 5 & 6: Kandinsky, part 2

    The Year 5s and 6s have been continuing their work on abstract art and creating their own artwork inspired by Wassily Kandinsky.
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  • 14/12/17

    Year 1: Robots

    As part of their work on computing and artificial intelligence, the Year 1s designed their own robots.
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  • 29/11/17

    Year 5 and 6: Kandinsky

    In Years 5 and 6, we have been learning about the history of abstract art and looking, in particular, at the work of Wassily Kandinsky. The children identified the characteristic features of Kandinky's work and used their sketchbooks to record what they had learned and to experiment with aspects...
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  • 22/11/17

    Year 1 & 2: Silly sandwiches

    The topic focus in Years 1 and 2 is Food, glorious food! and in art we have been using collage.
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  • 15/11/17

    Year 5 & 6: Greek Masks

    Having studied the proportions of the face in our first lesson and chosen whether to make a comic or tragic mask, the Year 5s and 6s were very excited to make a start. They began by marking the position of the eyes and mouth on a balloon and then carefully layering  wet Modr...
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  • 14/11/17

    Year 1 & 2: Weather painting

    The Year 1s and 2s have been learning about the weather in their topic work and in art, used wax resist and watercolour to create a weather painting.
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  • 10/11/17

    Year 3/4: Viking Art

    The topic for the Year 3/4s this half-term is A place to settle and, over the last two weeks, we have been investigating Viking art of the 8th - 11th Centuries.
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  • 03/11/17

    Year 1: Leaf watercolours

    In their topic work, the Year 1s have been learning about weather and the seasons. In art, we learned how to use watercolours to create beautiful colour mixes in a leaf painting.
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  • 30/10/17

    Year 5: Proportions of the Face

    In art in Years 5 and 6, we have been learning about the charcteristic design of Greek theatres and the fact that all the actors were male. We will shortly begin making our own Greek theatre masks. It is important that the masks fit the children's faces, so today, we spent the les...
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