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Year 1 & 2: William Morris, part 1

The history topic for Years 1 and 2 is the Victorian era and in art, we have been studying William Morris. The children looked at Morris's fabric and wallpaper designs and at the sketchbooks in which he developed and recorded his ideas:


In the first lesson, we identified the characteristic features of Morris's work and the children made pencil drawings like those in his own sketchbook.

Here are some of their brilliant sketches:

The following week, we looked at a video showing some traditional printing techniques and learned how to print using simple materials from the Art Studio:

The children made their own printing blocks from modelling clay, a process which they really enjoyed:

The blocks were covered with a thin layer of paint and used to build up a pattern of leaves and flowers. Once the children had used their block a number of times, they could wipe it clean and use the modelling clay to make another shape.

Here are some of the children in Miss Price's Year 1 class: