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Year 1: Great Fire of London

The Year 1s and 2s are studying the Great Fire of London. In art, we looked at a number of contemporary and later 17th Century paintings of the Great Fire of London and, in particular, at the work of Jan Griffier the Elder (1652 - 1715), before painting our own versions.


In the first lesson, the children were given a range of materials including paint, chalk and oil pastel. They experimented with the different media before creating their own fiery background.

In the second lesson, we added silhouetted buildings to our pictures. We looked at digital reconstructions of London in 1666 and considered how to layer media to create the foreground.

In adding the darker areas of the picture, some children used black paper, others paint or oil pastel. They were encouraged to try out different techniques to discover what produced the most effective results.

The Year 1s did amazing well with this challenging project. Each picture is unique and the finished artwork is stunning: