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Year 1 & 2: Alien Line Drawing

After a few weeks using paint and oil pastel, the Year 1s and 2 s are learning to create effective line drawings from their imagination.

We began by considering a variety of imaginary creatures from myths and fairytales and had fun inventing hybrid animals of our own. The children then used whiteboards to record and develop their own ideas:

Some of our alien creatures were sweet while others were scary!

The children were encouraged to compare their work and enjoyed explaining their designs to their peers.

Using the whiteboards gave the children the opportunity to change and develop their ideas before committing them to paper.

Here are the Year 1s creating their alien line drawings:

It was exciting to see the ideas develop and the children had a lot of fun telling me and each other about their creatures. Some of them went on to produce an information leaflet about the habitat and feeding requirements of their imaginary animals.

In these drawings, the children demonstrate their understanding of the difference between a line drawing and a sketch and show the breadth of their imagination: