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Willingham Primary School

Year 5/6: D. T. Challenge

This half-term in Year 5/6 will be devoted to design and technology. The pupils have been challenged to design, make and evaluate a toy made from recycled materials. It is entirely up to them to choose the toy, bearing in mind the intended customer, and then to see the project through from beginning to end.

The first task was to come up with a good idea and draw the initial design. We learned about cross-sections and exploded diagrams and looked at a range of technical drawings. We considered what information should be included in the annotations. The test for our designs was whether someone else could make the product using only the information on the design sheet. Here are some examples of what the pupils produced:

As part of the project, the children had to source most of the materials that they required. They were very excited to make a start:


Constructing thirty different D.T. projects in one room at the same time was a challenge and I was impressed by the children's focus, determination and creativity:

Here are just a few of the amazing finished products:

Well done, Year 5/6: designers of the future!