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Willingham Primary School

Year 1 & 2: Robots

For our initial project of the new school year, the Year 1s and 2s are designing robot pictures using pen and chalk.

The Year 2s are already experienced artists but for the Year 1s, this was the their first visit to the Art Studio. We talked about how to plan a project and to make thoughtful marks as well as how to look after the resources, environment and our school uniforms.

They began recording and developing their ideas on whiteboards before moving onto paper:

The children worked with great focus and it was lovely to see their ideas emerge:

Once they were happy with their design, the children moved onto their final drawing. Mr Morel came to see how we were doing:

The final stage was to add chalk and details such as buttons:

The finished pictures are very effective and the children were delighted with the results of their hard work.