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Year 3 & 4: Cityscapes, part 1

The Year 3s and 4s have been looking at cityscapes in the history of art and are creating a picture of their own from their imagination and experience of skyscrapers and interesting buildings in London and other cities that they have visited.

We began by comparing paintings and drawings of cities from Vermeer, Monet, Rizzi, and O’Keeffe through to the work of more contemporary artists.  They particularly loved Stephen Wiltshire’s wonderfully detailed drawings of London..

The children then began to plan their own cityscape in their sketchbook.


The children used rulers and circle stencils and took great care with details such as windows:

In the second lesson of this unit, we used an Artist’s Toolkit to evaluate and improve both the design and composition and the drawing skills shown in the work.  The children then began the line drawing for the finished piece of art.

They enjoyed looking at and learning from each other’s designs:

The following photographs are of Miss Bidecant’s class in their amazing costumes on World Book Day:

Here is some of the work from the children’s sketchbooks. I have been very impressed by the high standard of these cityscapes and can’t wait to see the finished pictures.