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Year 5/6: Still Life Paintings, part 2

The next stage in our unit on Giorgio Morandi was to add colour. We used poster paint. Morandi is known for using tints and paler colours but the children were able to choose a colour scheme of their own. You may notice that many of these photographs were taken on Sports Relief Day when the children were not wearing school uniform.

We began by carefully painting one of our chosen objects:

The pupils worked carefully to achieve straight edges with the thick paint and then to mirror the contours of their object with their brushstrokes:

They gradually painted more objects, mixing colours which would work together harmoniously but still allow the viewer to distinguish between one object and another.

It is not easy to achieve a smooth finish with poster paint and I was impressed by the children’s focus and determination:

The next step was to start adding a background.

Here is some of the very beautiful artwork. I should say that it is not all finished. I had planned another lesson in which to evaluate, adjust and add shadows and highlights. However, we may not be able to finish them for a while and I am very proud of what the children have achieved so far: