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Year 5: Proportions of the Face

In art in Years 5 and 6, we have been learning about the charcteristic design of Greek theatres and the fact that all the actors were male. We will shortly begin making our own Greek theatre masks. It is important that the masks fit the children's faces, so today, we spent the lesson learning about the proportions of the face before making a design for our mask.

The children began by drawing where they thought their eyes, nose and mouth should be on a transparent sheet. They didn't cheat and we had a lot of fun comparing their initial thoughts with their real-life faces:

I taught the children some of the rules about the proportion of the face and they then refined their pictures so that they became increasingly accurate, checking them against their own and their friends' faces as they went along:

At this stage, the children were allowed to try new techniques or help each other: 

I overheard some really good conversations as the children helped each other correct their original drawings:


Once the children were happy, they transferred their designs to paper and made a template for the masks which we will begin next week.