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Willingham Primary School

Pathfinder 1-10 Willingham

Willingham Primary School had their biggest ever win on Wednesday night, beating Pathfinder School 10-1

All the children were very excited to travel to Northstowe's first Primary School as they had never visited this school before. We were completely unaware of what it would be like playing against Pathfinder and what children they would have on their team.

We started off brightly with Oliver picking up the ball on the left hand side and curling a beautiful shot into the stop corner to give Willingham the lead. Alistair grabbed a second goal with a snap shot just inside the box. One of the biggest cheers came when Jacob, who was representing Willingham Primary School for the first time scored with his left foot! The goals continued to fly in with Dexter, Charlie, Sam and Kyle all getting on the scoresheet and giving Willingham an 8-0 half time lead.

The children were extremely pleased at half time with their efforts and they made a point that they wanted to try and get all of the players to score so they prioritised giving Elliot and Ewan opportunities to score in the second half.

During the second half chances were coming thick and fast but the ball just wouldnt go into the net. Pathfinder's defence was getting more stubborn and difficult to breakdown. However, Dexter scored a header from a corner and another goal followed to make Willingham's tally up to ten! Pathfinder did manage to get a consolation goal late on with their striker running through and putting the ball in the top corner. It could have been more for Pathfinder, but Alistair pulled off a couple of great saves, on especially which was very brave.

The final whistle went and it was official, Willingham had recorded their biggest ever victory, 10-1. It was a fantastic afternoon of football and all the children enjoyed the experience. It was Pathfinder's first ever match and they did themselves extremely proud as many of their children were in year 3 & 4. We hope to welcome Pathfinder School to Willingham in the future and have another football match. 

  • Ms Varty 6 years ago
    Well done, Willingham!