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Willingham Primary School

Sensory Circuits at Willingham

Willingham Primary introduce Sensory Circuits to children before school!

Willingham Primary School have started delivering Sensory Circuit sessions to children every morning before school.

Sensory circuits is a short sensory motor circuit to energise and settle children into the school day. At Willingham Primary School, sensory circuits takes place every morning and the aim is to focus concentration in readiness for the days learning, as well as encouraging development of the child’s sensory processing skills.

The children complete a series of activities which include the following:

Alerting: This section includes activities such as running, jumping and spinning in order to stimulate the children’s central nervous system. This helps to energise the children for the start of the school day.

Organising: This section requires the children to use both their brain and their body. It includes activities such as balancing on a beam, throwing bean bags into a target, hula hoops or using puppets to plan an imaginary story. 

Calming: This section includes activities that provide deep pressure and help to calm and settle the children before starting the day’s learning.

The children have started off really well with Sensory Circuits and we hope it continues to be a big success!