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Willingham Primary School

Multi Skills at Cottenham Primary

11 children took on Cottenham at 'Multi Skills'

Mr Carminati visited Cottenham Primary School in June and witnessed a fantastic Multi-Skills club that took place before school. During that visit, Mrs Faben said that it would be wonderful if Willingham came over and had a go at trying their Multi-Skills in a mini competition. So on Thursday afternoon the plan came together!! 6 boys and 5 girls headed over and took part in four track events..

Balance bar..

Long Jump...

Target Throw...

aaand Speed Bounce!

The children were split into teams of three and faced off against Cottenham. These events take place every week at the Multi-Skills club on a Wednesday so the Cottenham children have had lots of practice, whereas the Willingham children simply had a 15 brief practice on Tuesday morning....!!!! So when Mr Moore announced that the scores were 'neck and neck' after the four events, the Wilingham children were delighted with their efforts!!

Both teams then had to be decided by a set of relay and obstacle races!

All the races were extremely close with the children giving maximum effort but Cottenham just got over the line first in the boys and girls races.

It was an amazing afternoon and such a pleasure to take a brilliant set of children to challenge themselves with activities they have never really done before!!