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Sports Day!

The children (and adults) took part in our annual Sports Day.

On Friday, we hosted our annual Sports Day.

Mr Carminati ordered some sunny weather and the Met Office certainly delivered as it was an absolute belter of a day!

Our KS1 children were out first and they took part in 16 mini sporting activities that were designed by our fabulous year 6 children. Mr Carminati gave each group of year 6 children a basic plan of the activity and they had to adapt it for the younger children. Mr Carminati gave the year 6's three objectives for the day...for all the children to be engaged and involved in their activity, for every child to be successful and feel like they've achieved and finally for every single person to have fun (parents included!). The year 6 children well and truly smashed all three of those objectives for their stations.

The stations included the sports that the children would have learnt over the past year, for example there was a football station....

A rugby station...

A hockey station....

A basketball station....

And many more!

For every sporting station, there would then be a non sport specific station, such as water in the bucket....

A wellie obstacle course....

A hoop jump...

Once they completed their 16 activities they then went onto the track where they each raced three times..!

Every child took part in the Hurdle Race..

They all took part in the traditional 'Egg & Spoon Race'...

Their final race was the Sprint!

The whole school took part in a picnic lunch on the field with the family and friends that came to support the children.

In the afternoon, it was the children from KS2 to take part in the 16 activities which were lead by the fantastic Sport Leaders from CVC. We were very impressed with the attitude of the students, the hard work they put in and how pro active the students were in making the day a success!

After the 16 activities, the children had their three races, first up was the hurdles...

The next race was the Egg & Spoon Race! As you can see, there was lots of focussed looks on the faces of the children on the start line..!

And during the race....

The final race was the Sprint..

Some of the races even required a photo finish.....!

When the races finished, it was down to the CVC Sport Leaders to add up the final scores to see which house won the famous Sports Day Cup!!

The results were in and in 4th place was Sanger...3rd place was Bronte....2nd place was Hargreaves..

Meaning that the 2019 Sports Day Winners was the Turian House!!!

It was a very successful day with fantastic weather, a brilliant atmosphere and most importantly, happy children that have been active all day! Thank you so much to the amazing WSA for supporting the event once again, the refreshments were very much needed. A great big thank you also to the fantastic support from the family and friends that came to watch the children, the encouragement was very much appreciated.

We hope everyone had an enjoyable Sports Day experience, roll on next year..



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