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Willingham Primary School


At Willingham Primary School, we believe that a firm grasp of literacy lays the foundations for success in all areas of academic life. As such, we take very seriously our responsibility to ensure that all pupils leave Year 6 with the very highest standards of reading and writing. 

Underpinning our approach to the teaching of the above is the knowledge that high-quality reading and writing is not fixed, but rather adaptable to the audience and purpose of a text. Notably, we posit that as pupils go on to secondary school to study a variety of academic subjects, they must be equipped to respond to and produce writing particular to the task at hand. 

Accordingly, our English lessons focus on the study of and response to fiction and poetry through our carefully selected and sequenced literature spine. By reading a range of challenging texts and responding to and imitating their language and tone, pupils gain a knowledge of a wide range of culturally significant literature, using this to develop their own authorial voice ready to excel at secondary school. 

Key to success in reading is a broad and interconnected background knowledge. Throughout our carefully sequenced wider curriculum, pupils continue to learn to read and read to learn through the use of high-quality, content-rich non-fiction writing. They also learn to write using the style, language and writing conventions relevant to the different areas of academic study. 

A key element of a pupil’s understanding of reading and writing is a firm grasp of vocabulary. Tier 3 (discipline-specific) vocabulary is taught through the wider curriculum, while high-utility, transferrable Tier 2 vocabulary is promoted through our Robust Vocabulary Instruction (RVI), an in-depth exploration of a selection of words, their meanings and usage and their derivatives.