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Willingham Primary School

Friday Cake Sale


Cake sales will be each month with one class per month, or year group when the class is smaller. We will send out reminders nearer each date and the money raised from each year group cake sale will be given to the School Council for them to spend on resources they decide on.


Macmillan Coffee Morning
28th Sept
Year 1 (whole year) 12th Oct
Mrs Sutton/Mrs Hodgson - Year 2 9th Nov
Miss Durell - Year 2 7th Dec
Mrs Hassan/Mrs Hazlehurst - Year 3/4 18th Jan
Mrs Keeble/Mrs Musselle - Year 3/4 8th Feb
Mrs Childerley  - Year 3/4 15th Mar
Mrs Anderson - Year 5/6 26th April
Ms de Jong - Year 5/6 17th May
Mrs Green - Year 5/6 14th June
Reception (whole year) 12th July