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Welcome To

Willingham Primary School


We have two Reception Classes.  The teachers are:

Miss Day –
I've been teaching at Willingham from January in Foundation Stage and I've thoroughly enjoyed it! The best thing about the school is the happy and imaginative children and the yummy school dinners! My favourite meal is fish and chips, especially when I'm at the seaside. Soon, I am going to challenge myself to learn Spanish, so I can keep up with my family! I am so excited to meet my new class and getting to know them. I know we will have lots of fun with our learning.

Miss Aldhouse –
I have been teaching at Willingham, in Reception, for the past year. My favourite thing about Willingham is how friendly all the children and staff are. I have a pet pug called Rory and spend a lot of my spare time taking him on different walks.  He especially loves meeting up with all his other pug friends. My favourite food is pizza and school dinner pizza on a Friday is my favourite treat for lunch. I am SO excited to get to know my class next year and I am sure that we will have lots of fun with our learning.