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Welcome to Willingham Primary School's Art blog. Here, you can see what your children have been doing in their Art lessons and celebrate their amazing creations. We hope that you enjoy it!

Ms Varty

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  • 07/07/17

    Year 3 & 4: Cupcakes

    This week, the Year 3s and 4s were looking at the work of Wayne Thiebaud and creating cupcake Art of their own. The first set of pictures are of Miss Hartman-Ayers' class...
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  • 05/07/17

    Year 3: Silhouette

    The colour for the Year 3s is turquoise and Miss Smith's class have been creating a background based on tints and shades of turquoise and then used black pen and torn paper to create a landscape silhouette...
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  • 03/07/17

    Year 1: Sunflowers - part 2

    In last week's lesson, we designed, drew and started to paint our flowers, This week, we finished the painting and added black pen...
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  • 30/06/17

    Year 4: Sea pictures

    Year 4's colour for this half-term is blue. They have been planning and making a sea picture using tints and shades of blue overlaid with a variety of patterns...
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  • 29/06/17

    Year 5: Printing

    Year 5's colour for this half-term is purple and they have been printing on a foam base...
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  • 27/06/17

    Year 6: Rainbow Art

    All other year groups have been assigned a colour for their artwork this half-term: Year 6's challenge is to use all the colours of the spectrum...
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  • 26/06/17

    Year 1: Sunflowers - part 1

    In preparation for our annual Art Exhibition, the whole school is looking at tints, tones and shades. Year 1 have been concentrating on the yellow/orange area of the colour wheel and Miss Milton-Thompson's class  have just started their sunflower paintings in the style of Georgia O'Keef...
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  • 13/06/17

    Year 4: Flower Collage

    In Year 4, we have been looking at composition while planning and making a tissue paper collage...
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  • 12/06/17

    YEAR 1 & 2: Insect Design - part 2

      Today we started to make our designs come to life! These pictures come from Miss Gaines' and Mrs Clark's Year 1 class...
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  • 07/06/17

    Year 5: Ming vases

      In Year 5, we have been looking at Chinese blue and white porcelain and have created paintings of Ming vases using a sgraffito technique...
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  • 05/06/17

    Year 1 & 2: Insect Design - part 1

      In Key Stage 1 this half-term, we are studying mini-beasts. In our Art lessons, the children are designing and making their own insects using card, paper, wooden sticks and pipe cleaners. These pictures are from Miss Milton-Thompson's Year 1 class...
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  • 27/05/17

    Year 5 & 6: Stacked Cups

      In Years 5 and 6, we have been considering the effective use of pattern and colour in our compositions. I showed the children how to keep their teacups an even size as they drew their stack. They decided how many cups to draw, then decorated them and added a painted backgrou...
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