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Welcome to Willingham Primary School's Art blog. Here, you can see what your children have been doing in their Art lessons and celebrate their amazing creations. We hope that you enjoy it!

Ms Varty

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  • 30/10/17

    Year 5: Proportions of the Face

    In Years 5 and 6, we are about to make our Greek theatre masks. It is important that the masks fit the children's faces, so today, we spent our lesson learning about the proportions of the face before making a design for our mask.
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  • 25/10/17

    Year 1: Monsters!

    In common with the Year 2s, we were making pictures of monsters in Year 1, although this time with paint rather than pastel. The children practised drawing round an object to make the eyes. We discussed how to choose an expression for your monster and which colours to choose to make a...
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  • 24/10/17

    Year 2: Monsters!

    In the last lesson of our work on castles, we dared to go down to the dungeon and find out what might be lurking in the darkness! The Year 2s enjoyed using their imagination to draw colourful and friendly monsters.
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  • 20/10/17

    Artist of the Week

    Here, I will feature one of the best pieces of art produced over the last week. The work will be displayed in our new gold frame of honour!  
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  • 19/10/17

    Year 5 & 6: Optical Illusions

    The Year 5s and 6s had expressed an interest in learning about optical illusions so for the last lesson of half-term, we had a go at creating some for ourselves.
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  • 17/10/17

    Christmas comes early Part 2

    Willingham Primary took part in the Xmas4Schools card scheme this year. The children worked hard to produce some very beautiful designs and I thought that you might like to see a selection from each year group.
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  • 06/10/17

    Year 3/4 Stone Age Necklaces

    Over the last two weeks in art, the Year 3/4s have been learning about the artefacts discovered in the Neolithic village of Skara Brae in the Orkneys and making their own clay necklaces.
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  • 03/10/17

    Year 2: Christmas comes early to Willingham Primary.

    The whole school is busily designing cards for the Xmas4Schools card scheme. It seems very early to be thinking about Christmas but the children are having great fun.
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  • 27/09/17

    Year 5 & 6 Greek Vases

    The Year 5s and 6s have been studying Ancient Greece and in art, we started by looking at Greek pottery.
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  • 26/09/17

    Year 2 Apples

    In Year 2, we were drawing apples from observation and learning to blend oil pastel to produce more subtle colours.
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  • 16/09/17

    Year 1 & 2 Castles

    This half-term's topic for Years 1 and 2 is castles and knights. In art, we looked at the features of castles and designed our own using sponge-painting to create textured walls.
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  • 15/09/17

    Year 3/4 Cave Painting

    The Year 3/4s are studying the Stone Age and in art, we have been looking at cave paintings. We learned about the caves at Lascaux, Chauvet and El Castillo and discussed how the pigments and marks may have been made. Then, we made cave paintings of our own.
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